By Alecia T. Devantier

A few of these issues i have already performed with my children, besides the fact that, there are various issues I by no means considered doing with them.

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Childhood ChildhoodBipolar_int:Layout 1 6/3/08 12:23 PM Page 39 Evaluation and Diagnosis 39 bipolar disorder can be treated. Whether or not it will be treated is an entirely different matter. Q. Can other illnesses mimic bipolar disorder? A. Treatment for any illness will only be effective if that illness has been properly diagnosed, and the symptoms of bipolar disorder can be easily mistaken for other conditions. A good evaluation will rule out other causes of symptoms or identify conditions that exist along with bipolar disorder.

Differences between genders are also being discovered in the brain. A study from the University of Texas Health Science Center examined the orbitofrontal cortex, the front part of the brain located just behind the eyes. This part of the brain is thought to be involved in decision making, sensory integration, and sensitivity to reward and punishment. Both boys and girls with bipolar disorder have abnormalities in this part of the brain—boys had a reduction in gray-matter volume, whereas girls had larger gray-matter volume.

A. Here is an overview of the diagnostic requirements for mania and hypomania. To qualify for a diagnosis, moods cannot be caused by another illness, drug use, or a side effect from a medication. Mania is an unusually euphoric or irritable mood lasting at least one week. If a patient’s manic symptoms are severe enough that they can no longer be managed safely at home and result in hospitalization, then no time period is required. ) To be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, these symptoms must cause significant problems in relationships and normal functioning.

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