By Walter Carruthers Sellar, Robert Julian Yeatman, John Reynolds

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This awesome paintings is at one and a similar time an account of a private religious challenge and a hilarious spoof on educational studying, early Victorian values and materialism. In Sartor Resartus (‘the tailor retailored’) a fictitious editor retells the theories of an both fictitious German professor who has come to the belief that human associations and morals are just outfits to protect us from nothingness, outfits that may be replaced because the whims of the age or style dictate.

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Whether he thinks me insincere or not, I really did like Gibby: hardworking, always there to cover a shift or help out in any way he could. Instead, he devolved into denying he said some truly despicable things—things recorded for posterity—and worse, he tried to blame those hateful things on me. Ordinarily when somebody gets caught saying something as intolerant as this, their choices are (a) to apologize, (b) to resign, or (c) to make sure there’s no tape and try to lie their way out of it. John chose “d”—blame it on somebody else.

July 2005 Our panel holds a grudge. Alone in This Universe JULY 1, 2005 The bronze goes to New York State assemblyman Willis Stevens. He was monitoring one of those online discussion groups, 300 of his constituents in the city of Brewster, when he decided to send an e-mail to one of his assistants. He hit the wrong button. Instead, he sent it to all 300 people in the group. ” The silver: A holdover from yesterday. Robert Novak, still one of the worst people in the world. And the winner . . Tom Cruise!

When Republican House members participated in a telephone conference call September 1, the air was blue with complaints about the handling of Katrina . . ” That’s from the September 8 column of Robert Novak’s column—not exactly the work of a man known as a thorn in the administration’s side. For the president, it actually got worse. Many editorials in major newspapers were almost venomous toward Mr. Bush and the federal response. ” That’s from the editorial in the Manchester Union Leader of Manchester, New Hampshire.

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