By Charles R. Heflin

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Today you will have more time for yourself because you are going to use the crate for longer durations. Besides that, you have something to look forward to because you are weaving in the walks in the daily schedule of your dog—so c’mon get your dog out of the crate and head to the elimination spot! T Th hee M Mo orrn niin ng gW Waallkk Take your dog to the elimination spot right away. In the morning time, it’s a good idea to hold your pup and take him there. Firstly, because you have moved the crate to your bedroom so the route would be different and secondly because he might not be able to hurry up and hold on to his water at the same time.

Choose the laundry room or part of the kitchen to which the dog can have quick access. Remember that the spot should be enough for the size of the dog—not so big that he can roam around and sometimes cross beyond. You could begin with a large area and then 31 gradually as the dog is inured into the routine you can make the area smaller. This is also the time you introduce him to the words you have chosen to use as the potty command. Suppose you have chosen to use the word ‘Potty Time’, now hold on to your dog, and tell him that it’s potty time and take him to the elimination spot.

Instead you can say ‘outside’ and lead him on. The good thing is that your dog understands what action is associated with the words. At the potty spot, say ‘potty time’ and make sure that he does his job, even if it means hanging around for 10 or 15 minutes extra. This is because you want to be sure that he has an empty bladder because the plan is that he is going to spend some more time in the crate today while you attend to your daily activities. Let’s say you are going to loosen the ties of the apron strings to which he’s been attached to for the past two days.

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