By Yefet ben Eli (Abū ʽAlī al-Ḥasan ibn ʽAlī al-Lāwī al-Baṣrī), D.S. Margoliouth

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And alluding to what had happened to him during the seven 32. Signs and wonders It was pleasing before : years, which we shall recount in its place. meaning that he felt bound to tell them to the world, and not to refrain from publishing and : me proclaiming them, and thanking God for them. i. e. both the wonderful works recorded 33. His signs above, and those which God is constantly performing. Shewing that he believed in them, and did not reject : them as the philosophers do. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom (2) that He does what He thinks fit in meaning (l) that it endures infinitely; His world, and that His dominion is over all : while the times and periods change (cp.

Doubtless as soon as he heard this voice which descended from the heavens reach him, his reason stopped, and he fell down from his palace-roof, and went blindly he was not stopped, forward, and was guided by the Creator into the wilderness ; especially as his story not attend to him. Till his hair was known, and Daniel had was grown told them about it, so that they did points to the length of his sojourn, which was seven years. his reason returned to him, and he found the wild beasts in the wilderness, and perceived the state of his body, of his hair and the length of his nails, and realized that there had come upon 31, 32.

They included in their phrase that to every man than their the followers of every religion, not confining the law to religions other a stroke of policy, to make it apply to Daniel. They appointed own ; for the space of thirty days, to utmost space for which they could it make last it long; that being with them the remain without worship of their deity. Had that not been allowed by their religion, he would not have enacted it. They also forbade people to make any request of each other, as they had forbidden them to make any of God ; but their object was only the latter.

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