By Janice G Raymond

This feminist vintage explores the numerous manifestations of friendship among girls and examines the methods girls have created their very own groups and destinies via friendship.

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My additional thanks to Kathy Barry for her reading and suggestions on the manuscript. Nelle Morton’s spirit and work continue to affect my own. Mary Daly’s vision, work, and friendship have been enspiriting and encouraging for many years. Her Self and her work have always taught me that thinking is where I keep the company of my Self; where I find my original friend, so to speak. Renate Klein’s friendship has been truly Gyn/affective. Her careful and intelligent reading of this entire work was invaluable.

The empowering of female friendship can create the conditions for a new feminist politics in which the personal is most passionately political. The woman who is man-made is primed for hetero-relations. The literature, history, philosophy, and science of patriarchy have reinforced the supposedly mythic and primordial relationship of woman for man. As expressed in Genesis, and henceforth in patriarchal perpetuity, the hetero-relational imperative is one-sided. “Your yearning shall be for your husband, yet he will lord it over you” (Gen.

It is an understanding that is continually renewed, revitalized, and entered into not only by two or more individual women but by two or more political beings who claim social and political status for their Selves and others like their Selves. Hetero-reality has conferred social and political status only on hetero-relations (woman-to-man relationships). In doing so, it has fostered a social context in which friendship, especially female friendship, is regarded as a personal association between individuals who reveal themselves to each other in the intimacy of their private friendly encounters.

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