By Gabriel Marcel

Integrated right here: the guts of OthersDot the IThe Double ExpertiseThe LanternColombyre or the Torch of PeacePlus interviews with the translator bearing on every one play. in addition to an inventory of texts and audio visuals fabrics to be used in a school room setting.Marcel's contributions were famous the world over with prestigious awards together with: France's nationwide Prize for Literature, the Pirkheimer Prize for Humanism, and the Goethe Peace Prize for selling peace past nationwide frontiers.

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Tell me please, what are you alluding to? JOHN: To your play, of course. DANIEL: Which play? JOHN: The one about me. ) I can assure you, it’s not about you. The young man I present hasn’t the least thing in common with you. I would like to see in you a little of his graciousness and refinement … But I must ask you, who gave you permission to read the manuscript? JOHN: No one. DANIEL: Then you read it on the sly? So that’s your morality, that’s what hidden behind your pretense? ) And may I ask what purpose you had in mind?

ROSE: You must admit it’s not an easy role for me. DANIEL: You seem rather gloomy today. ROSE: I’m not gloomy. DANIEL: But? ROSE: No buts, please. DANIEL: If I’ve understood you correctly just now, it’s because you were angry with me that you delayed so long before telling me. Isn’t that so? ROSE: That’s saying a lot. DANIEL: I’m trying to find out exactly why. ROSE: It has certainly grieved me to see how unhappy the boy has been. DANIEL: I have my doubts about that. ROSE: There is no doubt about it.

DANIEL: By the way, John, you will be entering Saint-Louis Academy next week as a resident pupil. ) So much the better. DANIEL: Well then, since that pleases you, all’s for the best in the best of worlds. ROSE: Daniel, I too shall have a say in this decision. ) Take care. DANIEL: What did you say? ROSE: I simply said: take care … CURTAIN Act Three Same setting. Several months later. DANIEL: I assure you I’m deeply touched that you’ve come in person to confirm your favorable review in this morning’s newspaper.

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