By Louis J. Gesualdi

A peacemaking method of criminology is a humane, nonviolent, and clinical method of the therapy of crime and the criminal. This choice of twenty-two essays presents a complete advent to a peacemaking method of criminology.

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Employers in violation of prevailing safety standards. Furthermore, the text indicates that unsafe products made by corporations and sold to consumers result in 30,000 deaths and 20,000,000 injuries a year in America. 4 Rosoff, Pontell and Tillman show that white-collar crimes cause more financial injury than street crime. They write that the monetary damage from 49 50 Chapter 14 certain white-collar offenses (bribery, fraud, kickbacks, payoffs, computer crimes, consumer fraud, illegal competition, deceptive practices, embezzlement, pilferage, receiving stolen property and securities theft) is estimated to be 250 billion dollars a year, whereas the monetary expense to all victims of personal crimes (robbery, assault, larceny) and household crimes (burglary, motor vehicle theft) is estimated to be 20 billion dollars a year.

6 Turning Back indicates that the number of blacks below the poverty line has steadily increased over the past twenty years. ” 8 Steinberg demonstrates that the United States’ economic and political system, during the last one hundred thirty years, has failed for the most part to address racial inequality. He notes four lost opportunities in which this country could have wiped out social division and conflict. 9 First, the promise of Reconstruction (forty acres and a mule promised to former slaves after the civil war) was not kept.

S. crime rates in the values and behavior that are part of American society. High levels of crime in America are produced from cultural and social conditions that exist in this country. 2 The authors demonstrate that American culture being characterized by a combination of a strong emphasis on economic success and a weak emphasis on the legitimate means for the pursuit of success contributes to crime directly by encouraging to employ illegal means to achieve monetary goals. 3 Crime and the American Dream describes the nature of the crime problem in the United States, and shows that there is something distinctive about crime and the response to crime in this country.

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