By David Dalglish

The conflict god Thulos marches the world over of Dezrel, recruiting squaddies into his demon military and annihilating all who stand opposed to him. by using 3 Kings, Harruq Tun and his buddies needs to keep the kingdom of Mordan, whose priest-king has sworn to the darkish god, and should summon no matter what nightmarish creatures essential to retain rule. as soon as freed, they could flip their cognizance east, to the conflict god's method. earlier than the partitions of Mordeina, and excessive above within the golden urban of Avlimar, the final survivors make their stand opposed to an international of demise and conquest. A SLIVER OF REDEMPTION by means of David Dalglish the ultimate conflict has come.

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But I'm so numb. ” He let her hold him. Tears fell, and he was numb no longer. Qurrah turned away, feeling unworthy of such grief. He doubted he had Tarlak's forgiveness, but the hatred was gone. He let them be, and, tired and cold, he returned to the many fires of the army's camp. 4 Her song floated along moonlight waves, drifting in and out of covering clouds. The entire city was one of ghosts, lifeless beings in armor without joy or happiness, only dire, ordered control. Her song punctured the quiet, lacking words but not a story.

Harruq faced Ahaesarus, and he glared at the naked sword he held. “My crimes are no different than his,” he said. ” “He’s not the same as you,” Tarlak said. ” “You never asked,” Harruq said, turning to him. “You never pried. But I killed the children at Woodhaven. My name—the Forest Butcher—I earned it in blood. I still bear the weight. Yet you have fought with me, nearly died with me. ” His voice lowered as Tarlak shook with rage. “This is not about you,” Tarlak said. “But it is,” Qurrah said.

I do not fear pain,” she said. Tears ran down her cheeks. She put her other hand on top of his. “And I am used to hurt. But this was not that. So much worse, Velixar. I hurt so much worse, more than I ever thought possible. I am a mirror, twice broken, now abandoned. ” Velixar laughed, and was pleased with how her eyes finally stole to his, a shred of passion flushing her cheeks. ” he asked. “Forget hope. You are strong, stronger than even the god that walks among us. Anything you want, you can have.

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