By Patrice Michelle

Rana Sterling ultimately reveals the guy of her desires and BOY does he know the way to push the entire correct buttons. in basic terms, Mr. Tall, darkish and Too-Good-to-Be-True seems to be simply that; he is a true stay, fanged vampire! Lucian Trevane has an obligation to satisfy. he is anticipated to take the position of Vit?, chief of the vampires in 3 days. yet he is familiar with he will not take the placement with out his spouse by means of his facet. Now, after seventy years of attempting to find his reincarnated fianc?, he ultimately reveals the girl of his desires in Rana Sterling. Rana may possibly reply to his lovemaking, yet she refuses to turn into his vampire spouse. as though their lives aren't complex sufficient, throw in a vengeful vampire, a shock twist, and the actual fact Rana and Lucian cannot deny the powerful allure that exists among them and you have simply stepped right into a flavor OF ardour.

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Note to self: your clothes suck! Update them and for the love of Jimmy, get some color girl. " He turned and white teeth gleamed in a charming grin. "Hi," he called out. " Her heart flopped in her chest at that devastating smile and then did a somersault when she met his metallic gaze and realized he was the man from the cemetery. Rana worked hard to keep her voice steady. " She put one book on the shelf and noticed the other hadn't been tagged. Behind the counter, she attached a tag and returned to the used bookshelf.

He laced his fingers in hers and drew her hand down from his mouth. " He tugged gently on her hand. " Chapter Three Ian stood outside his brother's loft apartment wondering at Duncan's mood. Mona leaned against his chest as he rang the doorbell. When Duncan opened the door, Mona sucked in her breath in delight. Ian chuckled. Women always reacted that way when they saw the two brothers together. " She turned and stared at him and then looked back at Duncan. Duncan stood there in a black turtleneck and black jeans, looking every bit the brooding loner he was.

Sabryn leaned over once more, eyeing the ring. " She straightened, indicating the tray of jewelry. " Rana pulled her hand back and curled her fingers into an involuntary fist. She laughed. "No, I like this one. How old is it? " She was almost afraid to ask. " Yikes. But I have to have it. At least the folks at Visa will be dancing a happy jig. " Rana retrieved her credit card and tried not to wince as Sabryn rang it up. " Sabryn shook her head and gave her a smile. " Rana was taken aback. The lavender-like smell was so distinct.

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