By A.R. Yngve

A trip TO THE ISLAND known as EARTH...

What may have occurred if extraterrestrial beings had visited our global, the genuine international, at the present time? What wouldn't happen?

On a tiny Pacific atoll nicknamed ALIEN seashore, a bunch of fellows and girls come head to head with amphibian viewers from space.

They needs to learn how to comprehend those enigmatic viewers, prior to the planet is thrown right into a struggle that can not be won... and in doing so, comprehend themselves.

ALIEN seashore used to be initially published as an internet serial in 1999 at the author's site, and later in POD paperback structure. this can be the 1st model of ALIEN seashore for the Kindle.

Some reader reactions to earlier editions:

"I'd hugely suggest a person who is into sci-fi to learn this unfastened on-line novel. the tale touches on such a lot of primary degrees, it's going to go away you speechless."
-Mark Jones, united states (2005)

"It's attention-grabbing once we get to be so as regards to the characters (,) that after the publication finishes we suppose as though we have been wasting a few shut friends."
-Mario Andre Dias Pacheco, Brazil (2003)

"If you allow your self decide on it and do not allow your self get distracted by way of your eyes rolling each from time to time, you have to get pleasure from it as a pleasant mild, virtually Golden Age-feeling technological know-how fiction novel (although exhibiting the inability of a Golden Age editor)."
-Karen Burnham (2006)

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Only when Carl and the others started clapping their hands to the beat, the guests caught on. Humans sang, and aliens clapped what passed for hands among their race. The party lasted a few hours, food and drink being shared generously; for security reasons, alcohol was banned. r. yngve - alien beach 57 Ranmotanii and Namonnae escorted him back to the ship. Underwater lights from their submerged vessel started to illuminate the dark waters, forming an eerie halo around its streamlined shape. Now the ship could be discerned better than during the day, resting on the coral-bed twenty meters below the sea: a manta-shape three times larger than a blue whale; the top of its hull nearly touched the surface.

The German's head sunk down, and he knotted his fingers so tightly together they whitened. Some great inner tension kept him on edge, something he was deathly afraid of revealing... except maybe in his dreams. Lazar had to make an effort not to ask Bruno directly, and let Carl do the talking. "Bruno," Carl asked softly, "what was recorded from your dreams? " The man's entire body shivered with his sigh. "I'd rather tell you everything, than let you see my dreams. " Carl nodded toward Mats, who handed Bruno his mind-recorder.

She brought it over to the male Sirian, sat down and cut a piece for him. She had to goad him a little, but he accepted it. After a first, cautious taste, he swallowed the piece, closed his eyes fully, and savored the taste for a full four seconds. "Thaaank yooou. Goood, alllso fisssh coooked," he said finally. " She pointed at her forehead. r. yngve - alien beach 56 eyes to slits, and made a smiling face. "Easssy sayyy Annn. " He pointed a finger at the spot between his eyes. " "Oanss. Oanss! " They studied each other's faces with equal curiosity.

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