By Lawrence L. C. Jones, William P. Leonard, Deanna H. Olson

Initially acquired for a four week path in collage. rarely used, mild bend within the binding, however it seems fresh. No harm or markings within.

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Most attempts made from bases in Jordan were foiled by the army due to The Roots of a Doctrine 39 ambushes and through an efficient network of checkpoints. One of the rare successful attacks occurred in Beer Ora in the Arava desert. An armed group managed to set a mine on a bus route, killing two adults and injuring a dozen children. In reprisal, the army launched a major military operation against Arafat’s headquarters in the Jordan River valley near the village of Karameh. But it ran into considerable Palestinian resistance, backed by the Jordanian army.

6 It has also led Israel to develop military capabilities beyond those of its neighbors. In the event of a major threat, the IDF had to be able to launch a preventive, brutal, and devastating operation—not unlike a blitzkrieg—that would thus prohibit the enemy from taking the initiative. The battle was to take place far from the state’s borders in enemy territory and end with a crushing victory. 8 The IDF thus managed to forge a lasting image of an “invincible” army. These victories, however, did not prevent Egypt from catching Israel off guard during the Yom Kippur War, inf licting heavy losses, but the Israeli army was able to turn the situation to its advantage.

Are of one nation or ethnicity faced by an intervening force. ’ ”58 But, as Machiavelli wrote, a prince must “make himself feared in such a way that, if he does not inspire love, at least he does not provoke hatred. ”59 All democracies are constantly subject to a triple question: Are the means of the antiterrorist struggle effective? Are they adapted to warfare among the civilian population? Do they preserve the chances of resuming political negotiations? The “appropriate” strategy for an antiterrorist struggle might ultimately be defined as a “strategy of schizophrenia”; in other words the capacity of the armed forces to split themselves in two.

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