By David Paul Whistler, Xiaoming Wang, Lawrence G Barnes

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Scientific Autobiography and Other Papers

During this interesting autobiography from the most important genius of twentieth-century physics, Max Planck tells the tale of his lifestyles, his goals, and his pondering. released posthumously, the papers during this quantity have been written for the overall reader and make obtainable his clinical theories in addition to his philosophical beliefs, together with his concepts on ethics and morals.

Carbonate Systems during the Oligocene-Miocene Climatic Transition

The Oligocene and Miocene Epochs contain an important stages within the Cenozoic international cooling that led from a greenhouse to an icehouse Earth. fresh significant advances within the realizing and time-resolution of weather occasions occurring at the present, in addition to the proliferation of reports on Oligocene and Miocene shallow-water/neritic carbonate structures, invite us to re-examine the importance of those carbonate platforms within the context of adjustments in weather and Earth floor tactics.

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The suborder Cladocopina may be deserving of status as a separate order (A. Cohen, pers. ), although this step has not been taken here (see also Kornicker and Sohn, 1976, who first suggested the inclusion of the Cladocopina and Halocypridina within the Halocyprida). SUBCLASS PODOCOPA The superfamilies Bairdioidea and Cytheroidea have been elevated to suborders, with spelling changed to Bairdiocopina and Cytherocopina (respectively) (following Martens, 1992, and A. Cohen, pers. ). Alexander Liebau (pers.

Høeg, 1992a) or whether the Rhizocephala are early offshoots of the cirripedian line and not members of the crown group (as in Newman, 1982, 1987; Grygier, 1983a; Schram, 1986) is not settled. However, there appears to be a growing consensus that the Rhizocephala and the Cirripedia form a monophyletic group. Høeg (1992a) provides strong evidence based on larval morphology, and Spears et al. (1994) support this with molecular data. , 1994). Our classification treats the Cirripedia as one of three infraclasses of the subclass Thecostraca.

We have thus used this date (1893) instead of the often-used 1892. Publications describing or recognizing additional families subsequent to Bowman and Abele (1982), some of which appeared too late for inclusion in (or subsequent to) Huys and Boxshall (1991), are listed in the following sections on copepod orders. ORDER PLATYCOPIOIDA This newly recognized order (established by Fosshagen, 1985, in Fosshagen and Iliffe, 1985) is based on the family Platycopiidae Sars, 1911, and currently contains only that family and its four genera (Platycopia, Nanocopia, Sarsicopia, and Antrisocopia).

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