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This publication covers all elements of the research of seawater together with the main complicated actual recommendations. Sampling, the selection of anions, disolved gases, atomic absorption, tracking radioactive degrees, non-metallic compounds are all mentioned in flip

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These workers compared a method using sulphanilic acid/alpha-naphthylamine complexes, with a method using sulphanilamide/N(l-naphthyl) ethylenediamine complexes for the determination of nitrites in saline waters. The second method has the greater sensitivity and lower detection limits. The former method is subject to interference from chlorides and 48 Analysis for anions and cations this interference can be completely eliminated by the coupling diazotization procedure of the latter method. Anion exchange resins have been used to determine extremely low concentrations of nitrite down to nanomoles in seawater.

The former is a function of the optical geometry of the light beam and the flow cell, and the latter is related to the organic loading of river water. 8 (b) shows that both are linearly related to salinity, which makes optical blank corrections easy to apply to estuarine samples. Other workers who have investigated automated methods for the determination of ammonia in seawater include Grasshoff and Johannsen [68], Berg and Abdullah [69], Truesdale [70], Le Corre and Treguer [71] and Matsumaga and Nishimura [72].

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