By Lemuel Gulliver XVI and Jacqueline Slow

Commander Lemuel Gulliver XVI returns to Earth after a 25 yr odyssey round the sunlight approach looking planetary houses for the world’s extra inhabitants. He discovered none. On touching down in California he discusses with a television information anchor the issues attributable to overpopulation and a few solutions.
His 3 most sensible associates arrive and so they start to plan their journey traveling a few international locations that experience made tremendous growth in inhabitants control—and a few that experience missed the matter.
The many difficulties of the realm, reminiscent of warming, water scarcities, the getting older populations, poverty, unlawful immigration, non secular trust and disbelief, morality and values, and spiritual terrorism are interrelated. The exploration of those concerns, for you to be extra totally mentioned within the succeeding books, are began right here.

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Chan is one of the foremost experts in the world in this area. After we pick Dr. Wang‟s brain about value systems and how we each vary in our values then learn about our needs and drives from Dr. Chan we should have a clearer insight into why we do what we do, and perhaps how we can fashion more satisfying lives for ourselves by understanding us better. I believe that our beliefs and actions are based either on our unconscious motivations or on our values. And commonly we act psychologically but believe that our actions are really value based—which they are not.

What would you be willing to do if one of those children were yours, or your children‟s children or a neighbor‟s child? ‟ It‟s a sad fact that for the great majority of us we are more concerned about a splinter in our finger than with the millions who are dying painful deaths in Africa. We are more concerned with pleasuring ourselves with what‟s on TV or buying a new car than we are aware with the brutal suffering of so many in our human family. ” -- “I have to confess, commander, that I fall into that category.

But then there are the United Colonies where I think that freedom has gotten out of control.

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