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T h e above solution of H g C l 2 in ethanol has also been used to surface-sterilize Drosophila eggs before they were disrupted ( H o r i k a w a and F o x , 1964). Drosophila eggs have also been surface-sterilized in dilute solutions of N a C I O (Lesseps, 1965; Echalier et al, 1965). Lepidoptera larvae and pupae have been surface-sterilized b y immersion in 7 0 % alcohol for short periods of time (Grace, 1958a; Vaughn, 1963). Silkworm larvae have been surface-sterilized b y dipping them in 1:1000 H g C l 2 solution (Trager, 1935).

058 meq/liter N . 037 meq/liter K. Those species are difficult to recognize from one another and y e t have a N a / K ratio related to their diet, the first being vegetarian, the second carnivorous. Duchateau et al. (1953) and others confirm these data. T a b l e I I (from H o y l e , 1954) indicates the numerical values of N a , K , C a , and M g concentration in the h e m o l y m p h of various insects. This relationship, however, is not absolute. There are special cases, especially in insects with a mixed feeding and in aquatic insects.

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