By Anthrax

Titles are: Time * Blood * hold It within the kin * In My global * Gridlock * Intro to fact * stomach of the Beast * received the Time * H8 pink * One guy Stands * Discharge.

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25 EXPLORE What are cells? ▶ Main Idea LS-B Living things are all made of the same basic building blocks—cells. ▶ Vocabulary organism, p. 26 cell, p. 26 unicellular, p. 27 multicellular, p. 27 chlorophyll, p. 31 tissue, p. 32 organ, p. 32 organ system, p. com ▶ Reading Skill Compare and Contrast Different Alike Different ▶ Technology Explore the levels of organization from cells to organs with Team Earth. 26 EXPLAIN Earth is home to many different living things— big, small, strange, beautiful, and everything in between.

Seedless fern 38 EXPLAIN horsetail undeveloped plant uses the stored food to grow and develop. Seedless plants, like ferns, produce spores. A spore is a single cell that can develop into a new plant exactly like the plant that produced it. Spores have a tough outer covering. It protects them from drying out until they find the right conditions for growth. There are two main types of seed plants: gymnosperms (JIM•nuh•spurmz) and angiosperms (AN•jee•uh•spurmz). A gymnosperm is a seed plant that does not produce a flower.

39 xylem, p. 43 phloem, p. 43 cambium, p. 43 photosynthesis, p. 44 transpiration, p. 44 cellular respiration, p. com ▶ Reading Skill Draw Conclusions Text Clues Conclusions All plants need space, air, water, and sunlight. In most cases, plants can obtain air and sunlight directly from their environments. Transporting water and other nutrients can be more difficult. Nonvascular plants are small and survive without a transport system. Mosses, for example, reach heights of a centimeter or less. Their parts are very close to the ground to absorb water directly.

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